World of Warships – Army Naval Fortress: Redsand

  • April 20, 2017

Iconic naval forts, designed to protect the Thames and Mersey estuaries during the World War 2—the Red Sands forts are under the historical spotlight! 

Looking like a hybrid between an oil rig and an anti-aircraft tower, the Maunsell forts have a reputation spanning more than just their military legacy, being a source for counterculture movements, pirate radio stations, and more!



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U6 Maunsell Drawings

Guy Anson Maunsell's Fruitful mind produced lots of Seafort defence designs, two were subsequently approved by the Ministry and Admiralty . The Maunsell Army forts as shown below this included Nore Sands, Redsands and Shivering Sands and the Naval forts…

Hidden Britain by Drone

Series 2 Episode 2 Sir Tony's flying cameras reveal a top-secret underground Cold War bunker, a super-sized luxury car emporium and rusting sea-forts that were once a hideaway for pirates Watch now

Abandoned Engineering

Britain's Sea Fort Complex Series 2, Episode 2 Seven huge steel boxes stand rusting in the Thames Estuary. Hear how the Red Sands sea fort was once Britain's first line of defence against the Nazis.

One Inch Dreams Link to Official Page: Dreamers have been dreaming, thinking and working on this teaser for a long time.This is just a sneak preview of "In Between Boundaries", which we hope to be able to share with you on Vimeo…

Progress Report 2017

Workday 18th June 2017 0900hrs sailing From Queenborogh ATL, sunny 30oc Attended by Alan Harmer, Ray Pashley, David Phillips, Neal Short, Steve Groves, Seb Groves, Steve Christian, Ramon Potter, Paul, Bob Vine, Adam & Oisis Work Details Ramon & Steve…

RED SANDS – Skating a Gun Turret

A SKATEBOARDER RIPPING IT UP ON AN ABANDONED WORLD WAR 2 ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN TOWER Pro skateboarder Ben Grove takes his board to skate in one of the most incredible abandoned locations in the world. Located offshore in the Thames Estuary,…

Mystery Jets – Making of Bubblegum (Behind The Scenes)

Mystery Jets behind the scenes making of Bubblegum video.

Mystery Jets – Bubblegum (Official Music Video)

Curve of the Earth - The new album from the Mystery Jets out now. Visit the MJ store for exclusive album bundles including signed copies, double gatefold vinyl & signed lithograph prints. Download on iTunes : / Listen…

Progress Report 2014

Progress Report 2014 Project Redsand would like to thank the Work Team for their sterling efforts at the Fort.A group of 10 professionals make up the Work Team, most being members of Underground Kent with some serving in the British Army.…

Public Presentation Video update of Project Redsand progress and history. We need your support, please visit our website for more information on how you can get involved

The Story of the Texas Towers – Project Redsand Exclusive!

Texas Towers – With grateful thanks to David Lytle for permission to publish this article (Copyright David Lytle). Read the PDF here Article compiled by David Lytle, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland. Source material reproduced with kind permission of…Mark Farmer,…

Young Inspired

Inspired by her Fathers interest in marine structures, 9 year old Jo Lytle from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, has built her own  Maunsell Sea Tower. The Blitz of London in WW2 was the subject of her school project and so…