General Data Protection regulation

Project Redsand CIO, as a “Not for profit” organisation, and as such are not required, by law, to have or to publish a GDPR policy or policy statement.
For clarification on this matter please consult the ICO’s website or click here to be directed there.

Project Redsand takes data protection very seriously and we will do everything we have to do to protect the data we hold about you. That which relates to our volunteers, donors, and everyone else who’s private personal information we hold.

We will only use your data in the course of our legitimate activities with appropriate safeguards by a foundation, association or any other not-for-profit body with a political, philosophical, religious or trade union aim and on condition that the processing relates solely to the members or to the former members of the body or to persons who have regular contact with it in connection with its purposes and that the personal data is not disclosed outside of that body without the consent of the data subjects.

The Project Redsand Team

Date: 11th January 2021
Review date: 10th January 2022

Other Policies

Health and Safety signed policy statement: November 2020

Environmental signed policy statement November 2020

Maunsel MonthlyNewsletter

Project Redsand launches Maunsel Monthly Newsletter. This monthly publication will bring you news about the forts located at Redsands and all things happening along the coastline nearby both inn Kent and Essex.

We will keep you posted on the restoration project as it progresses, what our aim are for the coming months and indeed years. There will be related news and lots more.