2020 Progress Report

  • August 22, 2020

Since our last report the project has been very busy putting safeguards in place to increase and ensure the safety of our crew and visitors, and also continued to carry out other essential works. The Project also had some managerial changes and we would like to thank everyone that served on our board of trustees for their sterling work on moving the project forward for the benefit of all. Our current team is currently planning a bright future for the forts and we welcome the communities’ input and assistance where possible.

Restoration works

1: Suring works on Fendering completed to enable safe docking of X-Pilot.

2: Room 1 Crew room (Future Museum) Windows sealed and interior fitment / Insulation and Batoning fitted with the addition of modern insulation materials behind interior hard boarding / Painting works commenced. / Electrical works are commencing after completion of interior fitment to comply with the current 18th edition Electrical legislation.

3: Room 2 Windows installed and sealed with interior fitment started and the addition of Hardboard Batoning and modern insulation materials for the upcoming installation of the 2nd rooms hard boarding. This is to enable the painting to be completed and fitment of Electrical works to comply with current 18th Edition legislation this will coincide with the ongoing works in Room 1.

4: Concrete Spalling Repairs to the legs of G1 Feasibility / Costings works carried out.

5: Upper Stairway handrail to be replaced as a priority and the Gun Parapet upper Handrail to increase Volunteer / Visitor safety.

6: A Lifting Derrick is currently being manufactured to be installed upon G1’s Roof to enable safe exterior surveys and works to be carried out in the future, this is to coincide with the Removal of the original Lifting Jib which is Unsafe and is being removed. A temporary Lifting Jib has been manufactured and is due to be fitted as soon as it is safe to do so due to current COVID 19 restrictions.

Safety Works

A Professional Health and Safety Report was carried out on 25th / 26th August 2019 and works are ongoing to assure safe Crew / Volunteer / Future Public access. In Response to this we have:

1: Original Upper Fort Ladder Rungs removed to prevent confusion with new second ladder footings. Ladder safety inspection tags fitted and to be inspected and updated / documented upon each safe boarding.

2: New Restricted unsafe zones have been barriered off and appropriate signage is now installed.

These unsafe zones especially applies to the to the outer walkway. (This has been a no go area since 2004) and also the Boiler Room. A Mind your head sign has been fitted at the original Fort access.

3: We are currently organising and sourcing life jackets with metal D Rings attached to assist a much safer access. The belay system already in place is also to include a personnel fall arrest system should it be required for personnel / Visitors that could potentialy struggle with the current lower ladder system.

4: Ladder and Scaffolding Tags installed. Tag inspections are to be carried out via responsible trained personnel before boarding or transfers commence and is to be recorded on site and remotely archived.

Filming’s (all filming’s since 2017)

1: Disney’s ARTEMIS FOWL.
2: Music Video – To be announced.
3: Doctor Who “Terrors of the Deep” Staff and Cast Reunion Documentary.
4: Destination X You Tube Documentary.
5: Abandoned Playgrounds.
6: French and Belgian You Tube Documentary.
7: Various paper publications and News / Media publications.
8: Abandoned Engineering Season 2 Episode 2.
9: Hidden Britain by Drone Channel 4 with Tony Robinson ironically also Season 2 Episode 2.

Donations and assistance

We would like to thank all our donors for the multiple Items donated since 2017. You can visit our friends of the Forts page for links and contact to our supporter’s websites. Many Thanks again to all for your continuing support!

  • A New Petrol Generator with an 8 KvA Capacity (110V / 240V)
  • A New Petrol Generator with a 12 KvA Capacity (240V / 415V)
  • Various Hand tools
  • Various items of PPE (Gloves, Goggles and Dust Masks)
  • Various Nuts, Bolts and Fixings mostly galvanised and stainless steel (All in watertight containers)
  • Various Ratings of Strops and Shackles (For lifting tasks)

Current short-term plans

With the current economic outlook, we are only focusing on making the G1 tower safe to enable future works, however stabilising works are to be carried out where possible to remove any immediate falling debris from any of the other towers.

A Full structural survey of the Floors is planned to be carried out on G1 as soon as current restrictions allow, once completed and signed off then visitor access will again be permitted.

Our annual submission for the Charity Commission is currently being prepared and will be submitted shortly and available online on their site.

Due to Management changes last year’s report was regrettably delayed.

COVID 19 delays

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic works at the towers have been temporarily suspended and will be resuming as soon as it is safe to do so with the current social distancing in place and guidelines being adhered to with us knowing and recording our volunteers social interaction circles and movements.

Polite Notice

It has come to our attention that the fort is being accessed by the public in an unsafe manner without project consent. We understand that they’re amazing structures and an adventure close to home, but we strongly advise against visiting the forts without proper preparation and charity consent which can be done by contacting us at admin@project-redsand.com Frequent visits are made by our official chartered vessel X-Pilot.

The Towers are prone to occasional falling debris which is a hazard to people and vessels in the vicinity. The Currents around the Towers are Tidal and not coastal and are therefore extremely strong subsequently seriously increasing the risk to life of those involved.

These actions are causing damage to the fabric of the structures and hindering the Project by making extra work.

We would like to invite these people or anyone interested in joining the Project to proactively help assist in the continuing restoration of these amazing and unique buildings and also continue the sterling work already completed under difficult and challenging circumstances in a hostile environment due to their location.


If you are interested in participating, please visit the link below.

Hope to see you out there, many thanks again from the Project Redsand Team. Much much more to follow please watch this space.

Last working Party Participants from L to R Steve Christian – Trustee , Dave Jackson – Volunteer, Dave Foulkes – Trustee ,William Smith – Volunteer

Thank you all again for your continuing support!



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