We have assisted various ongoing manoeuvres there – mainly helping out with clearance of rubbish, tidying up and assisting with lifting heavy stuff like the upright crash beams now secured against the landing deck etc
We would very much like to continue – especially on the initial kind of idea, which was to help decide, advise, and do any imminent restoration work paint wise to the many interior surfaces.
There is a lot of potential to reinstate various ‘lost’ colour schemes in a sympathetic approach to the 1940’s appearance .
I am a full time scenic artist and designer in telly, films etc, used to location work bespoke to countless different criteria and surfaces .
We made an initial plan to wire brush, wire wool, and  prime various dilapidated metal surfaces – starting in the room where the log burner was installed.
I know logistics and various other things have changed in our absence over the last few years, but would always be up for further involvement with Project Redsands overall!
Maunsel MonthlyNewsletter

Project Redsand launches Maunsel Monthly Newsletter. This monthly publication will bring you news about the forts located at Redsands and all things happening along the coastline nearby both inn Kent and Essex.

We will keep you posted on the restoration project as it progresses, what our aim are for the coming months and indeed years. There will be related news and lots more.