Tristan Kavanagh


Project Historian (S Sgt) (Brains)


Tristan (or as he likes to be known Tris) is a qualified Historian with a BA Degree in History from the University of Winchester graduate of the class of 2013. A member since 2022 at 34 is possibly our youngest member. He has always had a avid interest in everything historical maritime and military.

Born and bred on the Isle of Sheppey (Kent) the Maunsell army forts (and in particular Red Sands) have always been in his full view all his life.

He knew what they were and knew what they had done from a very young age due to a extremely personal connection to these incredible structures.

Of the three sets of army forts in the Thames estuary there is one collection that do not remain any more; The Nore Army sea forts (U-5). Tris’ grandfather was aboard as part of the crew when in 1953 a Swedish ship (The Ribesborg) got lost in fog and smashed into them utterly destroying mostly all of it. His grandfather, Michael Kavanagh, was one of only 3 survivors rescued by the Southend lifeboat.

As a result Tris grew up on stories of the forts and the life on board which Michael would tell him and Tris would request until he passed away in his 80s.

As one of the historians for the group Tris takes part on research and fundraisers but is also happy to muck in with the other team members in whatever physical work that comes with working with this incredible and unique project.

“What an amazing piece of history! And I’m proud to be a member of such an amazing project!”