Steve has been a very active volunteer since 2012 he has achieved many tasks at the fort and was instrumental in the fitment of the new Fendering to replace the original sea damaged ones. He first worked on the Swanley to Sevenoaks section of the M25 for John Laing Construction. Then worked for various house building and construction companies for many years working on many Civil construction Projects.

Steve along with David and Ramon Help organise the finer details of our working trips to the Sea Forts such  so that nobody forgets all the fixings or fittings necessary to complete our current task/s etc etc so as every job is carried out seamlessly  (Weather permitting of course!! LOL).

“For the past twenty years I have been a member of KURG (Kent Underground Research Group) working on lots of different subterranean projects. I have also worked on the Fan Bay Deep Shelter near Dover for the National Trust.

I got involved with Redsands  quite a few years ago and have been out on many workdays throughout that time.

Excitement, enjoyment and wonderment is still there every single time I go out to the Forts.”

“I truly believe it is very important that we need to save these Seaforts and historical monuments for future generations to enjoy!”