Michael Banham also lives on Canvey Island with a very similar story to David Jackson.

Having lived there all his life  he has always been fascinated with them and like us all he was stunned by the first time he visited.

“I was meant to go visit them thanks to the help from David Foulkes with my Dad but sadly cancer destroyed that plan as he got ill too fast & then died about 16 weeks ago”. ” I like to donate some of my free time to the project because I know that my old man would be looking down & be proud as I am helping such a good cause. I am 30 years old & a Army Reserve PT Instructor and also hope to Achieve P company in the near future so can help with labouring & lifting plus I am a qualified mechanic in Civvy Street and the Army Reserves as also part of 103 Bn REME so can help with fixing & maintenance tasks!”

Michael is also hoping to learn to weld to help bolster his Fabrication Skills and aid the Project.

Maunsel MonthlyNewsletter

Project Redsand launches Maunsel Monthly Newsletter. This monthly publication will bring you news about the forts located at Redsands and all things happening along the coastline nearby both inn Kent and Essex.

We will keep you posted on the restoration project as it progresses, what our aim are for the coming months and indeed years. There will be related news and lots more.