Glynn is a recent addition to the project having joined us during Covid.

He is an amateur Historian and his passion for the Forts was ignited from his interest in Coastal Defence over the years.

Currently owning his own building company for which he is the Company director Glynn is very well versed in the skills involved with carrying out the minor repairs to the spalling on the concrete legs. Also having Design fabrication and installation experience with Nico global automotive Robotic systems.

And having worked extensively in Commercial Facilities management.

His other skills include Medic First responder, Oxygen Provider , RYA –Level 2 Powerboat Handling Marine radio VHF.

Hobbies Include Diving/underwater photography , WW2 history/battlefields and defence’s , Sunken wreck history and exploration , Fishing and has also had a few active adventures in Motor sport.

Working along side our Concrete expert and the rest of the team he is currently working out a way to cleanly shutter the new concrete after the clearing up of the existing rebar has been thoroughly cleaned of loose material and corrosion treated.

Also being a qualified Rescue /Recovery Diver will also be going on a treasure hunt around the bases looking for historical cast offs whilst conducting a structural survey below the waterline.

To quote “I’m Striving alongside the rest of the sometimes over enthusiastic team to crack on and just get them done after the last momentum was lost due to the onset of the Pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns to! The team and I have prepared all the necessary paperwork for these endeavors and we are just finalising the last few pieces of tooling and equipment to make a very  BIG visual impact on G1!! I’m itching to finally be able to get my teeth into the Project as I am overwhelmed with the sheer scale of these water born majestic ladies who have stood so proud for so many years guarding our Foreshores!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            And I am most excited by the fact of a Treasure Hunt beneath the waves!”

Having worked at Ford Motor Company at Dagenham where he qualified for his Technical Apprenticeship in 1987 as an Electrical/Mechanical Engineer ,