Drew first came out to the Forts in 2009 and has been involved with various tasking’s within the Project he is a keen sailor and simply loves the Sea and History particularly anything Military based .

A Retired Warrant Officer 1st Class who served 40 years as a Reservist serving with various units and laterly 169 Fd Coy 103 Bn REME.

Drew is an accomplished Welder / Fabricator and is also a Mechanical Engineer he now drives Dangerous goods vehicles namely Petrol tankers.

Always keen to help out one of his passions is taking the helm of X-Pilot to safely navigate us from shore to the Towers.

“I absolutely love it out there the Forts are a wonderful sight to behold and I’m proud to be involved with their Restoration! I’m hooked.”

“We will make these old girl’s sparkle once more!”