Drew first came out to the Forts in 2009 and has been involved with various tasking’s within the Project he is a keen sailor and simply loves the Sea and History particularly anything Military based .

A Retired Warrant Officer 1st Class who served 40 years as a Reservist serving with various units and laterly 169 Fd Coy 103 Bn REME.

Drew is an accomplished Welder / Fabricator and is also a Mechanical Engineer he now drives Dangerous goods vehicles namely Petrol tankers.

Always keen to help out one of his passions is taking the helm of X-Pilot to safely navigate us from shore to the Towers.

“I absolutely love it out there the Forts are a wonderful sight to behold and I’m proud to be involved with their Restoration! I’m hooked.”

“We will make these old girl’s sparkle once more!”

Maunsel MonthlyNewsletter

Project Redsand launches Maunsel Monthly Newsletter. This monthly publication will bring you news about the forts located at Redsands and all things happening along the coastline nearby both inn Kent and Essex.

We will keep you posted on the restoration project as it progresses, what our aim are for the coming months and indeed years. There will be related news and lots more.