David has been involved with Project Redsand since late 2007 and is a highly skilled and experienced Mechanic/Welder Fabricator who has worked on a wide range of different types of vehicles and machines and other Projects in the past such as Coalhouse Fort in East Tilbury in Essex please visit www.coalhousefort.co.uk

He is keen historian and is passionate about the preservation of the Seaforts and enthusiastically coordinates the procurement of materials and Volunteers for our Working Party restoration visits.

David is also a Corporal in the REME Army Reserves 103 BN 128 Sup Coy and a proud father to three boys

Jacob , Joseph and Joshua.

David used to go to school in Southend on Sea and was always fascinated in the silhouetted structures on the horizon and it wasn’t until the age of the internet that he understood what they were and their importance in Defence and their subsequent history due in part to them falling under the Official Secrets Act.

“Redsands is a totally unique structure and deserves preservation for the UK’s and the worlds history and the countless lives itself and the other Forts helped save in the early warning of Axis air raids and subsequent destruction of 22 Planes and 33 V1 Doodlebugs.

They need to be preserved as a testament to our countries already proud heritage and to the souls that fought and served on them and should not be lost for future generations so they don’t have to just imagine from a textbook but to gaze and literally stand mouth agaped as I always do at their Awesomeness!!!

And to just enjoy just as I have and always will!

The old girls still gives me goosebumps to this day everytime I come to visit!

(Keep It up Ladies!!!)  (Please don’t repeat lol!)”