X- Pilot Kent’s Classic Service Vessel

X-Pilot is a charter vessel working mainly in the rivers Medway and Swale in Kent and the Thames Estuary and also rivers in Essex in the Southeast of England. X-Pilot is licensed by the Port of London Authority for boat hire.

To book trips to Visit Redsand Fort with the X-Pilot please contact them via their website or their Facebook page.

The X-Pilot is Kent’s Classic Pilot Vessel, a charter boat sailing the rivers Medway, Swale and in the Thames Estuary. X-Pilot is a Port of London Authority licensed vessel for hire and can work in most rivers in Kent and Essex and the River Thames in Southeast England. X-Pilot’s Captain, Alan Harmer, is licensed as a Boatmaster by the Maritime Coastguard Agency. The X-Pilot is fully insured and licensed to carry twelve passengers and up to four crew.

X-Pilot is also the Official Supply Vessel for Project Redsand the custodians of the World War II Maunsell Fort off the Southeast coast of England and we offer regular trips to view these Redsand Towers and occasionally even offer the chance to board to support the Project’s Work Party’s trips to preserve and restore this fantastic British monument. You’ll definitely want to check out our Grand Forts Tour, a magnificent eight hour adventure that along with the Redsand Towers takes in the Shivering Sands Towers, the Knock John Fort and Isle of Grain Fort.
X-Pilot was built in 1967 and originally served as the pilot vessel on the River Thames based at Gravesend when she was simply called Pilot.

We also offer all kinds of trips and one of a kind experiences, if you’re organizing a party or anniversary, you may be a marine photographer or filming on the river and looking for that perfect charter boat, or maybe you’d like to hire the vessel just for yourself, or would just like to travel alongside Britain’s beautiful river sides and coastline and see the forts guarding the Thames, then X-Pilot is the charter vessel for you.


Meanwhile, two major civil engineering groups are playing an active part in the restoration of the Redsand Towers. They are Mowlem Marine (now Carillion) and Taylor Woodrow. Project Redsand are extremely grateful to both companies for their foresight and dedication to the conservation of our heritage. Both Mowlem and Taylor Woodrow have provided costly services to Project Redsand without charge. Both companies have supported the Project from the outset and without their support, this project would be difficult to realise.

Helping the project fabricating new windows. hillsidewelding.com
After several months of careful design and preparation, Mowlem Marine successfully completed the installation at the G1 (south) tower at Redsands. The ‘bespoke’ access system was built off-site at the Mowlem Marine base at the foreshore in Northfleet, Kent only…


A number of companies are now looking at the progress of Project Redsand with the view to assisting in the future.

Helping the project fabricating new windows. hillsidewelding.com

Support and Consent

Contact has been made with Government agencies, and others who may be able to be of help and assistance in the project. The response to date has been encouraging, with support and/or approval to proceed having been received from:

The Royal Regiment of Artillery, commonly referred to as the Royal Artillery (RA) and colloquially known as "The Gunners", is the artillery arm of the British Army. The Royal Regiment of Artillery comprises thirteen Regular Army Regiments, King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery and five Army Reserve regiments.   Motto: Ubique (Everywhere)
English Heritage is a charity that manages over 400 historic monuments, buildings and places. These include prehistoric sites, medieval castles, Roman forts and country houses. The charity states that it uses these properties to ‘bring the story of England to…
Royal Engineer soldiers are called Sappers! We are unique, motivated and intelligent. We are multi-skilled soldiers, combat engineers and tradesmen. We provide essential support to all areas of Defence in peacetime and on operations.   Motto: Ubique and Quo Fas…
The Department for Transport (DfT) is the government department responsible for the English transport network and a limited number of transport matters in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that have not been devolved. The department is run by the Secretary of State for Transport, currently (since 24 July…
The Crown Estate is a collection of lands and holdings in the territories of England, Wales and Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom belonging to the British monarch as a corporation sole, making it the "Sovereign's public estate"
Our operations cover 95 miles of the River Thames. We work to keep commercial and leisure users safe, protect and enhance the environment and promote the use of the river for trade and travel This section includes information on all…
The Ministry of Defence is the British government department responsible for implementing the defence policy set by Her Majesty's Government and is the headquarters of the British Armed Forces based Andover Hampshire.
The Corporation of Trinity House of Deptford Strond, also known as Trinity House, is the official authority for lighthouses in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is an executive agency of the United Kingdom working to prevent the loss of lives at sea and is responsible for implementing British and international maritime law and safety policy. It is also responsible for…
As the British Army’s professional engineers - Soldiers and Officers employed within the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) are the technicians, mechanics and fabricators that consistently inspect, repair, modify and maintain the large array of equipment that the British…

Affiliated Organisations

The owners of Home Front Bus have more than 20 years experience of operating specialist converted buses.  They have been involved with operating the AEC Regent Bus on behalf of its previous owners since the early 1990’s and acquired it…
During the mid 19th century Britain and France found themselves in a 'Cold War'. As a result of the French building a new fleet of modern steam and sail ironclads, armed with the new rifled guns, and their building of…
The Royal Regiment of Artillery, commonly referred to as the Royal Artillery (RA) and colloquially known as "The Gunners", is the artillery arm of the British Army. The Royal Regiment of Artillery comprises thirteen Regular Army Regiments, King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery and five Army Reserve regiments.   Motto: Ubique (Everywhere)
Based in East Tilbury in Essex and run entirely by volunteers since 1983, the Coalhouse Fort Project has worked to keep this historical and unique location open to the public so an important fortification, like so many others, is not…
Maunsel MonthlyNewsletter

Project Redsand launches Maunsel Monthly Newsletter. This monthly publication will bring you news about the forts located at Redsands and all things happening along the coastline nearby both inn Kent and Essex.

We will keep you posted on the restoration project as it progresses, what our aim are for the coming months and indeed years. There will be related news and lots more.