Project Redsand was set up with the aims of conserving, preserving and interpreting the history of the structure known as Redsands Fort. The long term goal is for restoration to the point where public visits can take place safely and give visitors a comprehensive view of how the fort was built, why it was built and the uses it has been put to over the decades since its construction.

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It is with great pleasure that we present to you our official community calendar for 2021.

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The Story of the Texas Towers – Project Redsand Exclusive!

Texas Towers – With grateful thanks to David Lytle for permission to publish this article (Copyright David Lytle). Read the PDF here Article compiled by David Lytle, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland. david.lytle@ntlworld.com Source material reproduced with kind permission of…Mark Farmer http://www.thetexastowers.com,…

Young Inspired

Inspired by her Fathers interest in marine structures, 9 year old Jo Lytle from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, has built her own  Maunsell Sea Tower. The Blitz of London in WW2 was the subject of her school project and so…

The Prodigy at Redsands

http://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=HHFsqPeNfsE The prodigy have launched their new album “Invaders Must Die” at the start of their world tour. The new video and publicity at the venues features the Redsand Fort. This will no doubt help to raise awareness of the…

Winter storms take out wartime fenders

The 66 year old docking stage at the Southern Gun Tower has finally given up resisting the harsh winter storms.  Maintenance crews removed several tons of debris surrounding the tower legs in February to prevent any structural damage to the…

BBC at Redsands

BBC Two - Coast Tuesday July 14th 2009 iPlayer:  www.bbc.co.uk


Instructions for the towage and grounding of the Redsand Towers G1 Southern Gun Tower on Friday, September 3rd, 1943.The full plans and instructions for both the Redsand and Shivering Sand Forts are now available for public viewing.  Thanks to a…

"These days there are few adventures to be undertaken close to home."

"However, this is one, and one considered to be well worth undertaking."

Robin John Adcroft (Banks) RIP 1950 - 2018 
Visionary and Founder of  Project Redsand

Visit the Forts - X-Pilot

X-Pilot is a charter vessel working mainly in the rivers Medway and Swale in Kent and the Thames Estuary and also rivers in Essex in the Southeast of England. X-Pilot is licensed by the Port of London Authority for boat hire.

To book trips to Visit Redsand Fort with the X-Pilot please contact them via their website or their Facebook page.

The X-Pilot is Kent’s Classic Pilot Vessel, a charter boat sailing the rivers Medway, Swale and in the Thames Estuary. X-Pilot is a Port of London Authority licensed vessel for hire and can work in most rivers in Kent and Essex and the River Thames in Southeast England. X-Pilot’s Captain, Alan Harmer, is licensed as a Boatmaster by the Maritime Coastguard Agency. The X-Pilot is fully insured and licensed to carry twelve passengers and up to four crew.

X-Pilot is also the Official Supply Vessel for Project Redsand the custodians of the World War II Maunsell Fort off the Southeast coast of England and we offer regular trips to view these Redsand Towers and occasionally even offer the chance to board to support the Project’s Work Party’s trips to preserve and restore this fantastic British monument. You’ll definitely want to check out our Grand Forts Tour, a magnificent eight hour adventure that along with the Redsand Towers takes in the Shivering Sands Towers, the Knock John Fort and Isle of Grain Fort.

X-Pilot was built in 1967 and originally served as the pilot vessel on the River Thames based at Gravesend when she was simply called Pilot.

We also offer all kinds of trips and one of a kind experiences, if you’re organizing a party or anniversary, you may be a marine photographer or filming on the river and looking for that perfect charter boat, or maybe you’d like to hire the vessel just for yourself, or would just like to travel alongside Britain’s beautiful river sides and coastline and see the forts guarding the Thames, then X-Pilot is the charter vessel for you.